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Inland Empire Metro birthday party packages & Pricing

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Thank you for your interest in my birthday party magic shows. Your child
 is going to have one of the most amazing birthday party experiences that they will ever have.

I offer three amazing birthday party packages for many different party itineraries. Please check them out. I look forward to performing for your child’s upcoming Birthday Party.

NOTE: This is the In-Person Magic Show page for parties hosted in Inland Empire Metro (Riverside and San Bernardino County). If you want my pricing for other Counties or Virtual shows, please click here. 

 Please the following cities are included in my Inland Empire Pricing. Any city that is not listed in the Inland Empire metro will be charged a travel fee. 

 Riverside County 
Jurupa Valley

 San Bernardino County 
Chino Hills
Loma Linda
Rancho Cucamonga
San Bernardino

In-Person Shows – Inland Empire Metro, CA

In-Person Shows

Inland Empire Metro, CA

SILVER 30-Minute Magic Show

My 30-minute magic show is jammed packed with audience participation. Not a dull moment is in this show. All the kids will help out in some way. Kids want to be actively involved in a lot of different ways. That is why all of my tricks involve the kids. Even if they choose not to participate and come up on stage and help, they can still be a part of the show while they sit in the audience.  You get the 30-minute Magic Show, plus all these fun birthday goodies for your birthday child:  The Magic Wand, Top Hat, and a Birthday Card that the birthday child will make appear by Magic, and a Brettso the Great Bag of Magic*.

$375  Show Price Before 6:00 P.M.


GOLD 1-Hour Magic & Balloon Twisting Party

You get everything in the SILVER package, plus 30 minutes of balloon twisting, and a Brettso the Great Easy Magic Set* for your birthday child, rather than the Bag of Magic.  Your birthday child will also receive one of my deluxe balloon creations, while everyone else at the party will receive an amazing sword or flower balloon. On top of all that, you will also get 15 of my Brettso the Great Magic Wand Kits.

$425 Before 6:00 P.M.


PLATINUM 1-Hour Magic & Deluxe Balloons Twisting Party


You get everything in the GOLD package, plus every child (up to a max. of 15) gets a deluxe balloon creation (for larger parties, the birthday child gets the deluxe balloon, but each child would receive my amazing flower or sword balloons). And exclusively with this package, your birthday child will get a fantastic Stuffed Tiger** that they will make appear by Magic that will be theirs to keep.  With this package, the birthday child will also receive my special, upgraded Brettso the Great Ultimate Magic Set*, rather than the Easy Magic Set.    An additional 10 Magic Wand Kits are also included in this package (for a total of 25).

Need more Brettso the Great Magic Wand Kits beyond these 15?  If you choose this Platinum Party package, you can purchase additional magic wands for only $4.00 each, instead of the $5.00 each if they were bought separately. Just let me know 2 days before the party!

$525  Before 6:00 P.M.



*Please note: One type of Brettso The Great Magic Set is included in the Silver, Gold & Platinum Package. If you are celebrating more than one Birthday Child, additional Brettso The Great Bag of magic is $10 each. Easy Magic Sets are $25 each. Brettso The Great Ultimate Magic Set is $40 each
**Each Additional Stuffed Tiger is $25 Each if celebrating more than one birthday child.

LATE SHOW SURCHARGE (For Performances Booked at 6:00 P.M. or later)



The pricing shown on my website applies for booking my shows starting between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm.   For any shows that you want to book for 6:00 P.M. or later, there will be an additional “Late Show Surcharge” of $100.   My Sunday- Friday discount is not available for such Late Shows.

This additional $100 “Late Show Surcharge” must be paid at the time of booking in addition to my standard $100 booking fee.

My resulting Late Show Pricing for any of my shows that you wish to book with a starting time of 6:00 pm or later is as follows:


Silver-30 Minute Magic Show ………………….…………… $475


Gold 1-Hour Magic and Balloons Show ……………….… $525


Platinum 1-hour Magic and Deluxe Balloons Show… $625


45 Minute Birthday Magic Show……………….……….….. $625


1 Hour of Balloon Twisting………………………….……..….. $450

(Each additional 15 minutes…………………….………..….$ 100)



Compare the Birthday Party Packages

Compare the Birthday Party Packages

Fun Optional Extras that the Kids Will Love

Fun Optional Extras that the Kids Will Love

Magic Wand Kits

Here is a Fun party favor that can be given to the guests after my show.


What is nice about this fun party favor is that you don’t have to worry about buying too few or too many – Only pay for what you need. So no need to waste time and money returning them to some online merchant or a local party store. And as an added bonus, I also provide an online video of how to perform the tricks, where kids will learn 4 amazing tricks!
These Magic Wand Kits are only $5 each, or buy 10 or more for $4 each!  And they can be added to any of my in-person party packages (you do get 15 magic wand kits included in my Platinum 1-Hour Magic and Deluxe Balloon Twisting Party)


Overtime Rates and Other Services Rates

While I offer my packages at a flat rate. Sometimes the party requires extra services or more time. Here are my prices for those services. I also have my overtime rates. 

Extra Services Rate:

1 Hour of Balloons Only  $350(I will make my deluxe balloons for everyone on a pre-fixe menu)

Additional 1 Hour of Balloons $300 (Must Be purchased with the Gold, Platinum Package or as an add on to the initial 1st hour of balloons)

45 Minute Magic Show $425 (Birthday Child will receive magic wand, top hat, birthday card, certificate of magic, and Brettso the Great Magic Set)


Overtime Rate for Extended Balloon Twisting Time for Day of the Party:


$75 for every 15 minutes of additional balloon twisting after the original package has ended.  
(Please keep in mind that this rate is based on 15-minute segments and is not pro-rated for shorter time intervals.) 
Staying longer for “Balloon Overtime” is subject to my availability and requires approval of you, the booker, before any overtime is incurred.  Please note if you purchase one of my Magic shows only and it goes over a few minutes, no overtime is incurred at all. Only the packages with balloons will be subject to overtime if such extra balloon twisting time is requested.


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