Shazam! Welcome to the magical world of Brettso The Great!

I am so excited to serve the Mission Viejo community and bring my magic right to your doorstep!

Brettso The Great can pull more than rabbits out of a hat; I’m here to tackle all your magical needs! I can create memorable experiences for you and your guests right here in Mission Viejo!

As your premier family magician, I design my shows to wow audiences of any age at any event. My magic entertains the young and the young at heart at Mission Viejo gatherings, parties, and events of all kinds.


There’s no trick here! Only professional magic that’s:

  • Carefully crafted magical entertainment!
  • Designed to fit seamlessly into any event!
  • Tailored to thrill any demographic of any audience!
  • Enjoyed in any setting!
  • Engaging, intelligent, memorable!
  • Thrilling for all ages!

With a wave of my magic wand, my audience is immersed in the world of magic at birthday parties, school functions, youth events, corporate events, and Mission Viejo gatherings of all kinds!

If you want unforgettable entertainment at your next event without doing all the work, you’re at the right place! Just book Brettso The Great and sit back and relax while your guests are transported into the world of magic. My magic show can be performed in any space, indoors or outside, in small venues, or at large events. I am a self-contained show, complete with sound system, props, and of course, MAGIC!

Check out my Mission Viejo magical event packages!

*Birthday Parties

Make birthday parties the talk of the Mission Viejo! Your party guests will be inspired and entertained when I perform my birthday party magic show! I offer three unique, fun-filled birthday party packages to meet your specific itinerary, venue, and special requirements.

If you are concerned about hosting in-house events or want to include family and friends in on the fun long-distance, I even provide a virtual birthday party package so you can enjoy my magic from anywhere in the world! Just click the link for birthday party package details!

Packages & Pricing | Magic Party for Kids | Kids Mission Viejo (


My magic show is perfect for all of your Mission Viejo special events, corporate programs, or non-profit fundraisers! Engage your attendees in the world of magic that takes your event to the next level! Through my magic, I WOW audiences of all ages with shows specially designed to invite audiences to be part of the show.

*Schools, Libraries, Camps & More!

Child-centered magic shows are my specialty, and I cater to your group’s dynamic. I’m experienced and excited to perform magical entertainment for children of all ages with my super fun and an engaging magic show! My magic is perfect in Mission Viejo settings like:

  • summer camp programs
  • afternoons at the local library
  • school programs
  • school/sports/club fundraising events
  • playgroup activities
  • homeschool enrichment event
  • youth group gatherings

If you’re ready to make your next Mission Viejo magical, contact Brettso The Great with your event date and time, and I’ll send you a quote!

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