Buying Goodie Bags Online Vs. Purchasing From An Entertainer

by | Oct 19, 2021 | Blog

Planning your child’s birthday party can feel like you are spinning plates, just trying to keep every detail for the big day. Because your child’s birthday should be a fun and pleasurable experience for you both, it is essential to consider ways to approach critical components to lessen your workload. 

Devising a master plan will help you note areas where time, energy, and resources can be saved before getting started down the wrong path. Three critical aspects to address early on are how you can combine components, where you can save time, and staying within budget. 

Combining Entertainment And Goodie-Bags

When you have too many details to address, the margin for error increases, and your stress level can skyrocket. Try combining certain aspects of your child’s birthday party when possible allows you to cut your planning time in half and ensures that the event will go off without a hitch. 

Two significant aspects of a child’s birthday party revolve around entertaining and thanking your guests. When possible, secure an entertainment source that can also provide a goodie-bag option in addition to their service. 

For example, if you hire a professional magician, consider purchasing a magic wand kit from them to give to your child’s friends at the party. Not only will this combine two components of the party into one action, but it will also free up your time from searching for appropriate goodie-bag fillers. 

Saving Time, Energy, And Money Off-line

While online shopping has become routine for every household, ordering items for your party online can waste your time, energy, and money. Often the products we purchase online arrive late or are not the quality we had expected. Stress incurs when waiting on a shipment of party supplies integral to the event’s success, and nothing is worse than opening a box of poor-quality merchandise that can’t be used. 

Save yourself the stress of purchasing products online by working directly with your vendors. Many entertainment vendors will also offer products related to their service, which can be purchased for added decoration in place of your guest goodie bags. 

In this way, you have saved yourself the time of searching endlessly online for products and ensured that the quality of your purchase would be up to par. If you have any problems, you directly contact your vendor, who can help you before disaster strikes. 

Creating A Budget

Creating a budget for your child’s birthday party is essential to keep you stress-free while planning the exciting event. Organize your budget around food, entertainment, and theme. Your theme will determine the food and entertainment aspects and keep you focused on your bottom line. 

When possible, combining some or all of these critical aspects may be your most budget-friendly option. Consider how you can make decisions that keep you on budget while saving you time and energy throughout the planning process and the day of the event.