Birthday Party Magic Show Cancellation Policy 

Cancellations within 30 days of the performance date will forfeit their $100 booking fee.
This policy is predicated on the fact that there are only so many open dates available (which is why I must require the booking fee), and last minute cancellations deprive me of the opportunity to book these performances in advance.


However, if you do cancel within 30 days of the performance date, you may apply your $100 booking fee to reschedule another performance date one time with no extra booking fee if you do so within the year that you booked the original performance(So if you book a show for January 31, 2022 but then cancel it after Jan. 1st, you would have until January 31st, 2023 to rebook another show using your original booking fee). 


If you were then to cancel that rescheduled performance, you would then forfeit your original booking fee, and would be required to provide a new $100 booking fee in order to reschedule a third time, and that fee could not be applied to book additional shows if you should have to cancel again.   


However, if another party were to book me for the day you originally cancelled or rescheduled, and it is within the timeframe of your original booking, your $100 booking fee would be refundable. This exception would also apply to other dates that you cancelled or rescheduled.


Thank you for your understanding!


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