Engaging Activities For Your Youth Program

by | May 23, 2022 | Blog

Summer is just around the corner, and summer youth programs will be kicking into high gear. Parents and child caregivers seek programs for their children that inspire them and expose them to new activities and ideas. Whether it is a camp, library program, church, neighborhood collaborative, or other youth programs, keeping kids engaged with fun and educational activities is a top priority. Let us look at some innovative ideas to turn the heat up on your youth program in summer or anytime throughout the year!

Taste Of The World

Youth programs provide children and teens with new experiences they otherwise might not get while in school. One of the best ways to learn about other cultures is through food, and kids love to eat! Hosting a Traditional Food day or week will get kids involved in planning, preparing, and tasting the world’s cuisine. You can make this activity as minimal as having each child bring in a snack or dish from their culture to share or as extensive as developing a curriculum to include in the activity. Your youth participants will gain valuable knowledge of regional cuisine, but they will also have fun in the process!

Plant A Pollinator Garden

Pollinators are crucial parts of life on earth, and it is vital to all life that we sustain pollinator habits. Unlike vegetable gardens which require regular tending to bear food, pollinator gardens are easily planted and only need occasional weeding and water to grow. Involve your kids in lessons about the types of pollinators and flowers they need to thrive, and then have a day of planting outside together in a designated space. Flowers can even be placed into pots if there is no appropriate space outside for a garden. The pollinators will appreciate your pollinator garden, but it will also be a beautiful addition to your outdoor space.

Make Some Magic

Kids of all ages love a good magic show!Hire a professional magician and treat your kids to the brain-stimulating world of magic! Professional magicians can tailor their show to meet the ages and needs of your youth, so there is no need to worry about keeping kids engaged with the act. You can even purchase a magic kit from the magician that the kids can play with after the show. A magic show is a fun and entertaining event that will please the young and the young at heart!