How To Inject Excitement Into Your Youth Group’s Gathering

by | Mar 23, 2022 | Blog

Whether you’re running a church, after-school, or another type of youth group camp, finding new ways to inject excitement into the routine can be challenging. Youth camps offer unique opportunities for kids to experience new things with their peers and provide them with lifelong memories. Exciting camp activities also help build your program’s community spirit and offer campers something unique that keeps them coming back every summer. 

When you are in charge of activities at a youth camp or program, rising to meet the expectations of parents and caregivers while keeping campers engaged can become a difficult task at times. Let’s take a look at how you can take the fun to the next level at your next youth camp gathering.

Costume Relay

Turn up the heat on the fan-favorite field day by adding costumes to the mix. Relays always get kids in the camp spirit, especially when dressed up in zany costumes. Choose a selection of team relays and individual games but have the kids complete the tasks dressed up in various costumes. An alternative is to have kids change outfits intermittently as part of the relay races. Funny costumed antics are sure to keep your campers smiling and laughing while engaging in good old-fashioned fun!

Team Scavenger Hunt

Scavenger hunts always bring out the team spirit, and a little competition is an excellent catalyst for bonding. Consider beginning a scavenger hunt on day one of your camps, adding new items to hunt daily. An ongoing scavenger hunt keeps kids working together for a common goal and solidifies teamwork among campers. Items to be found can range from the simple to the absurd, and you can tailor the game to any theme. Teamwork makes the dream work, and your campers will build self-esteem and confidence working towards a common goal with their peers. 

Add A Little Magic

No youth gathering is complete without some quality entertainment. Add a little magic to your regularly scheduled activities by hiring a professional magician to spark your kids’ imagination. Magic shows are ideal for any age youth group, and a professional magician will be able to tailor the show to meet the audience’s needs. Your campers will be excited to see the magic unfold before their very eyes, and you and your staff will welcome the break while a professional magician entertains the kids for you. 

Final Thoughts

Whether at a camp or other youth event, keeping kids engaged and entertained is vital to a successful experience for everyone involved. Keep your activities fresh and inspiring with these unique yet straightforward ideas.