It’s Your Child’s Birthday: Why It’s Better to Have the Magician Perform at Preschool

by | Mar 19, 2021 | Blog

Birthdays are exciting for children, perhaps even whimsical. No doubt, you probably go out of your way to ensure your preschooler’s birthday is fun, entertaining, and unforgettable. What parent wouldn’t? Each year you’re challenged to plan an amazing birthday celebration centered around your favorite little person. Luckily, every child loves a magic show, especially preschoolers. While this does simplify things, it also presents a small conundrum. Would it be better to have the magician perform at preschool rather than over the weekend? The answer is unequivocal yes and here’s why!

Benefits of Preschool Performing Magicians

Having the magician perform at preschool gives the youngsters something special to look forward to during their school day. Few activities can match the playful festivities of a fun magic show at preschool. It helps young minds associate preschool with positive experiences to foster a lifelong love of learning. This fun entertaining magic show also helps preschoolers bond with each other over common festivities. Children’s magic shows foster creativity and critical thinking skills as youngsters enjoy try to figure out the tricks. This helps build friendships while promoting communication and relationship-building skills that will last them a lifetime. An immersive magic show at preschool triggers the children’s imagination for hours of entertainment long after the show is over. Plus, it makes learning loads of fun.

Unconsidered Benefits

Having a magician perform at your youngster’s preschool has some other advantages you may not have considered. It does shift some of the responsibility on a day that’s probably already overloaded. You won’t have to be responsible for clean-up or worrying if everyone will show up on time and your preschooler will have an amazing celebration. Since Preschool is a normal part of the schedule, you won’t have to worry about your child’s friends missing out due to other planned activities. Kids love the extra attention they get from celebrating their birthday at school and sharing their special day with friends. Since preschool teachers are so amazing at teaching the kids, youngsters will easily know how to sit properly and enjoy the show.

Book a Preschool Show with Brettso the Great

Celebrate your child’s special day at preschool with a visit from Brettso the Great! Dazzling age-appropriate magic engages children in an immersive show they’ll love from start to finish. Make your preschooler’s birthday one to remember with a visit from a real live children’s magician. The show is completely self-contained to make things simple for you. I’ve been entertaining children and families in SoCal for years. Simply fill out the inquiry form for a free list of available dates and pricing information. Then book your preschooler’s show and provide the smiling faces on that special day!