Outdoor Birthday Party Plan B Tips

by | Sep 13, 2021 | Blog

Outdoor Birthday Party Plan B Tips

Let’s face it; there is almost nothing more disappointing than having your child’s outdoor birthday party rained out. All the planning and hard work that goes into pulling off the perfect outdoor birthday party can be brought to a screeching halt by a forecast of inclement weather.

For many parents, their children’s birthdays are important milestones to be honored with memorable celebrations. Outdoor venues and backyard parties are popular among both children and parents as they allow for a host of themes to be brought to life.

A Plan B Is A Must Have For A Seemless Outdoor Party

However, a drawback to having a children’s birthday party outside is that a plan B is required to have the event go off without a hitch. When birthday parties intended to be held outdoors get threatened by bad weather, parents and caregivers are faced with cancellation or resorting to a backup plan.

A solid plan B will enable you to ensure your child has a magical birthday celebration even if the weather isn’t playing by the rules. To ensure your plan B is so flawlessly executed that guests assume it’s plan A, follow these expert outdoor party planning tips.

Designate And Create Indoor Space

Outdoor parties typically take advantage of spaciousness not generally found indoors. While you may not be able to make room in your house for pony rides or rent a conference hall just in case it rains, you will need to create an indoor party space alternative.

In the event of rain, a designated indoor space can be as simple as cleaning and rearranging your living home’s interior to accommodate guests and games if needed. If this indoor party alternative space is not at your outdoor party location, make sure you provide its location and inclement weather directions on your invitations.

Plan Easily Transferrable Fare And Fun

Think about how you can arrange party foods in a manner that makes them easily portable. Placing items on trays on tables make them easy to grab and go if plan B is enacted. Tubs or other containers used to hold drinks, gifts, and goody bags are also easy to maneuver and keep the party fare organized in any size space.

Plan some games that can be enjoyed indoors if needed and have them ready to go if the party shifts locations. When choosing party entertainment, consider options that are both indoor and outdoor such as magic shows. Professional magicians can create magical experiences in almost any setting and can adjust their performance as needed. For a seamless transition in party entertainment, always consult your entertainer about backup plans before the party date.

The Take-away

While we can not control the weather, we can create a plan B for outdoor parties with attention to a few details that allow for a flawless and fun event.