Parties In Parks Often Require Permits; here’s What You Need To Know

by | Feb 17, 2021 | Blog

Outdoor venues in Orange County can make parties memorable and fun. Birthdays, special occasions, class parties, and other events for children are often held at city parks and outdoor public spaces. Kids love the freedom that parks offer for play, and parents love access to shelters, picnic areas, playgrounds, and all of the other great amenities that parks have to offer.

Hosting parties at an Orange County park requires a little pre-planning to ensure success from start to finish. Considering appropriate food and decoration for outdoor weather, entertainment options, and logistical coordination is vital in creating a magical outdoor event. It is also essential to secure any permits from city officials necessary to hold your party at a park or other public venue.

Planning For Permits

Before you have invitations printed with dates and times, it is best to secure the proper permits needed to have your party in a city park or public space. You will want to confirm the city’s available dates and times before requesting a permit to make sure your plans align. Give yourself plenty of time to secure your permit, as some processes can take a few weeks.

Orange County requires people to apply for permits for parties on public property;  depending on the specific details of your event. County government requires that you apply for events, regardless of size, if held on their property. You can find the application for Orange County Parks here

Reserving your time and space is essential, and having a permit designating your use of a space and time frame for use is helpful should you run into any unforeseen issues. Due to the nature of a public park, other people will be using facilities; your permit gives you the right to the area during the specific time.

When You Need A Permit

Your will have specific requirements for when permits are required to host an event on public land. Typically, if more than 50 people will be attending your party, you will need a permit. If the event will require streets to be closed or spaces blocked from public use, a receipt will be required. And perhaps most importantly, any facility used for your party at the park you will want to have reserved and a permit for use.

Professional Entertainment

If you are in the Orange County and Los Angeles area, it is important to know that parks require professional entertainment be approved on a vendor’s list. Brettso The Great is an approved vendor, simplifying the process of securing your park party space.

If you want to take your party in the park to the next level of fun, consider incorporating professional entertainment. Brettso The Great offers various magical experiences for all types of events and children’s birthday parties.

Engaging, inspiring, exciting, and fun, we can transport your guests to a whimsically magical world at a park or location of your choice.