ATTN: Corporate Event Planner

Brettso The Great’s Family Friendly Magic Show Will Be A Hit At Your Next Event!

Not only is Brettso’s show super fun, he’s also super easy easy to work!

Thank you for your interest in my corporate event magic shows. Not only are special corporate events are fun to throw, but it will also bring people closer together during your special event.  I will make sure your special event is really fun and unique to your company. I know that your employees and their families will enjoy my show. 

Here is what I offer for corporate event programing:

The Show – Main entertainment (START HERE)

It all starts with my Family-friendly 40-minute interactive magic show. I will take you & your guests on a journey through my world of magic & wonder. We will also meet fun characters along the way. My Balloon Puppet Quackers the Quackaloon is a hit at these shows. He is not only really funny but very POP-ular. *pun intended! Quackers is really good at finding cards and doing card tricks. Some of the tricks feature some classics of magic with a new modern twist. I know what you are thinking. A balloon puppet? Yes, I said that correctly. I have a special rig that helps create puppets out of balloons. Quackers is one of my most popular characters.

Of course, you know that audience doesn’t want to just sit & watch a show, they want to be involved. One of my tricks where it includes everyone is where I take blocks A, B, and C and they magically transport into a top hat. It allows everyone to participate even if they don’t get a chance to be on stage.

Making smiles is a big part of my show. One of my tricks involves smiles. We make smiles appear, disappear, and make two smiles grow into one big one.  This is one of my favorite parts of the show because it allows everyone to feel amazing

Thats why I use lots of audience participation in the show! The guest that don’t get invited on stage to help will still be made to feel like they helped.

All my shows include

  • Audience Participation – to make everyone feel included
  • Laugher beyond belief – that makes everyone happy
  • Magic suitable for all ages – for all generations to enjoy
  • Family Friendly comedy – to allow everyone to enjoy the jokes.
  • Peace of mind- by having a complete self contained set up which allows you to relax and enjoy the event.
  • Quick and clear communicat- to make sure you are good to go for the event and to answer any last minute questions.

Christmas, Halloween themed shows also available (no extra charge)


Need more entertainment? 

For most company events, the 40 min magic show is the perfect entertainment program. However; for larger events that have more of a budget & would like to wow their guests even more, I offer several interactive entertainment add-ons that your guests will love!

20 min dance party – Kids love music & kids love to dance! Adding my fun dance party after the show will keep your guests entertained even longer (Now with the show and dance party, its a full hour of non-stop entertainment)

Penguin Dance Party (Christmas Shows), Monster Mash Dance Party (Halloween Shows) Just For Fun Dance Party (Anytime)


*Must be booked with a magic show.

Balloons Beyond What The Mind Can Imagine

Pre-Made Balloons – If you don’t have time to me to twist ballons at your speical event but still wanted balloons. I offer pre made balloons of many different varities. Pricing is based on the current hour rate

Basic Balloons (20 – 30 per hour)

What are basic balloons?  Basic balloons are balloons that can be done in 3 minutes or less. I bring a balloon menu to help speed up the process. This allows people to make a choice faster while they wait in line.

Photo Shows Basic: Flower Sword, Octopus, and Deluxe featuring Lady Bug and Zapper.

Deluxe Balloons (10 – 15 per hour)

These take more time to twist, but they are more impressive. This also allows for custom request as well.  if you have a smaller group size, or want to have the very best at your special event, this is the way to go.

Basic or Deluxe balloons, your choice. (Both are the same price)

Add this to a magic show + $150 for 1st hour, $125 each additional hour

Without a magic show +$200 hour for 1st hour, $150 each additional hour ( 2-Hour minimum required if you are bookign balloon twisting only).

Balloon Twisting at your event – Your guests choose what they want

Balloon Twisting – Always a guest favourite! My balloons sculptures can add a tonne of colour and smiles to your event.

Balloon Twisting can be booked with

or without a magic show.

Thank you for your interest in having me for your special corporate event. When you are ready to book, please click the green “Check My Availability” button on the bottom and fill out all of the information for your event. I will get back to you within 24 hours of submitting the form. I look forward to working with you and thanks again for your considerations!