Three Birthday Party Ideas For Tweens

by | Nov 16, 2021 | Blog

Planning your child’s birthday party can be a piece of cake when they are single digits. However, when your child becomes a tween, birthday party planning can become a bit more complicated. Older kids tend to have many opinions about the type of party they want to have, and they don’t mind voicing their distaste for some of your most clever ideas. A tween’s guest list is forever changing due to the social politics of their age, and they want their party to be fun yet age-appropriate for their interests.

Parents can feel the pressure of coming up with just the right mix of entertainment and unscheduled free time for their tween’s birthday party, which can create a great deal of stress. Fortunately, we have a few birthday party ideas that are sure to give your tween an unforgettable event that their friends will rave about!

Bonfire Bash

Consider creating an evening event that checks all the cool boxes for tweens who want a coed party. Have guests come for a barbecue, during which time they can socialize and hang out. After everyone has finished eating, play some games reminiscent of summer camp, such as the ghost in the graveyard and capture the flag.

After games, your tween and guests can gather around the fire pit, or bonfire, for marshmallow roasting and making s’mores. Give your tween this time for fellowship with friends until the party ends.

Game Time

An excellent idea for tween birthday parties is a game day or game night event. Ask guests to bring their favorite board games or party games and get everyone involved in the fun. You can also have some pre-approved games ready to go during the party to keep the momentum flowing and energy up.

If your tween rather not have too many games, consider a trivia game where the winning team gets a special prize, even if it’s just to pick the music playlist or be the first to receive a piece of cake. Game time can be perfect for slumber parties, and it gets kids interacting without screen time.

Make The Party Magical

Let’s face it, kids of all ages love a good magic show! Make your tween’s birthday party a magical experience by hiring a professional magician for entertainment. You can build the party around the magic theme by having kids play games such as card tricks and other magical acts while awaiting the headline entertainment. Consider purchasing magic kits from the magician for goody bags for your guests, and be sure to take video during the show as many fun memories will be made.

Remember, your tween still wants to have an unforgettable birthday party, even if their interests are changing. You can hit the ball out of the park every time with these tween party ideas.