Why You Should Consider Hiring a Magician!

by | May 17, 2021 | Blog

Whether it’s a birthday, a graduation, or just a special Saturday afternoon, childhood is filled with incredible moments. The special milestones in your child’s life deserve a highlight to make them truly memorable. If you’re looking for the main event for your angel’s next treasured memory, here are some reasons why my magic show might be the right choice.

The Spirit of Childhood

While there are many wonderful choices of entertainment that can toy with our emotions and captivate our attention, none are quite as exceptionally awe-inspiring as magic. Critics of magic might call it targeted deception, but I believe that magic is a performance, no less valid than a play, despite being fiction. 

The purpose of magic is to amaze and astonish, to inspire in the audience a feeling that they live in a world of inexplicable wonders and possibilities. For that reason, I think that magic embodies something that every child starts out with, and that we sadly tend to lose as we get older: the feeling that anything is possible.

A magic show appeals to one of our deepest desires: to be fooled, to see something that cannot be explained with the mundane laws of physics and science. As we grow older, the bright childlike innocence in us all starts to dim and the world starts to seem less wonderful, less magical. 

A magic show can be an amazing way to reignite that spark in your child, not just for a day, but for a lifetime. I know it did for me. Watching magic can also have a magical effect on your health, improving your mood and emotional regulation by fulfilling the human need to be awed.

An Event to Remember

A person’s childhood is littered with special moments, from the big milestones to the small, intimate moments. If you want a truly unforgettable experience for your child’s next major moment, however, my magic show could be a fantastic option. 

One of the great things about magic is that it appeals to our sense of curiosity by being intentionally inexplicable. Not only will your child be amazed by my show, but my tricks will also leave them scratching their head for days or longer! The experience is certain to be one they remember for a long time. 

Just don’t be surprised if your child ends up with an interest in magic long after they see my show. If your child can’t get my tricks out of their head, consider encouraging them to learn their own magic with one of my fantastic magic sets so they can learn to entertain and amaze others as well with easy tricks they can do right at home.

Fun for All Ages!

Magic isn’t just for kids. People of all ages love a good old-fashioned magic show! Whether you’ve never seen a magic trick, or if you’ve read dozens of pages on how they’re done, a good magic show will stir the same feelings of wonder and amazement no matter what. Everyone is sure to have a blast watching my show and hopefully the experience will remind adults of the magic of innocence within them as well.

So if you’re looking for spectacular entertainment that’s kid-friendly, unforgettable, and (most importantly!) fun, consider hiring Brettso the Great for your next event. Please contact me today to arrange a show and remind your child and loved ones of the mysteries and excitement in the world again.